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Christmas gifts was a bust. Got the most girly pajamas and multiple pairs of them. Here’s the kicker though, they are all too big. I think people think I’m fat. Plus the only ones that did fit have donuts on them… Even my slippers were girly. Then my mom got me a new lunch box. That would be great except it is embroidered with my girl name. I don’t go by my girl name where I would take the lunch box.

At least candy isn’t girly. The real present will come in 17 days, my top surgery. All this other superficial stuff is just crap compared to that. Fuck them all for getting me that girly stuff. I don’t wear anything like it ever.


Busy Weeks

So I’ve done a lot the last couple of weeks. I ordered my post op compression garment. It arrived in the mail and it fits no problem. I finished cleaning my room, just have a few bags of crap to go through.

Getting ready for Christmas had kept me busy but on my buying gift spree I picked up some men’s boxer briefs. They feel real weird at first but now they are pretty nice. Still debating if I want to throw away all my old undies. I was worried about the hole in front but there is so much fabric that overlaps it’s no issue.

Work is getting harder and harder to go to. The 5 day weeks are not helping. It is the holiday season so it’s expected but sad. 36 days until surgery. I am pushing through but I just want the day to get here already.

Planning Surgery Part 5

So I got word back from insurance. Medical Mutual itself does cover the procedure, however my specific policy has it as an exclusion. That means I pay for the whole thing out of pocket. It’s disappointing but I have enough money for it already, it just will empty out my savings.

Due to this I opted out of getting abdominal/flank liposuction. It would be 2k more for it and I could better use that money for gym membership or a personal trainer.

I will be getting my preop instructions and forms of some kind in snail mail within a week. Then I imagine I will be at the final step and all I will need to do is pay the bill and have my consult then show up for surgery.

In more exciting news  I cleaned out my closet. Got rid of two paper bags of old clothes. I really need to go guy shopping. I’m in need of T-shirts, button down shirts, underwear, shorts, pants. It’s a lot but it is to be expected since I haven’t really got a lot of new clothes for like 5 years. Freshmen year of highschool was the last time I really shopped and all those clothes are retired as they are all girl clothes.


In my reading of the trans forums I came across Underworks again. Their products are great and that is where I bought my 997 that is still kicking almost 2 years later. In addition to black and white they now make binders in Nude! Check them out.

They redid their site and I must highlight the new gift card feature. All you need is name and an email for your poor trans friend and you can send them the life saving gift of a binder.

Note that they took the numbers of products out of the titles but they are now in the beginning of the item #.

60 Days

60 Days till surgery and all I have ready is some baby wipes and a back scratcher. Yikes!

Surgery Set

I’ve actually had the date set for a few weeks but I’m a lazy butt and just got around to posting this. Surgery is January 13th 2014 with Dr. Medalie. Surgery is at 7:30 AM but I need to be there by 6:00



$2000 if covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$4050 if covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

$6390 if not covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$9075 if not covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

Plus an additional $386 for pathology if not covered by insurance.


I am getting the pathology no matter what for a peace of mind. I am still 50/50 on the abdomen liposuction.


It will need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Now I am waiting on the insurance to get back to the surgeon. It was sent out on October 11th so shouldn’t be too much longer. After they get a reply I will receive my preop instructions.

My Letter

It is done. I now have my top surgery letter. Now to contact Medalie and get scheduled. I have chosen to publish it in its exact words as when I was looking for examples of letters I couldn’t find any. Hopefully this helps someone who needs to help their therapist write one.

Attn:  Dr. D Medalie – Cleveland Clinic Ohio. US.


The above client is a 21 year old female to male transsexual, who currently resides in ____ Ohio USA he has been a client of mine since early August 2013.  During that time we have spoken online and used various forms of communication.  He chose this form of counseling due to convenience and not being able to locate a suitable resource in his local community.  Currently he works throughout the night and is employed as a retail stocker.


Alex feels his gender issues have been with him since he was quite young. At this time and since the age of 18 he has had to bind his chest every day and feels uncomfortable doing such physical thing as it makes him restrictive and difficult to breath.  Having to do such a thing regularly makes him feel that he cannot be his true self and do normal things.  Over many years he has continuous felt stifled by the dysphoria he has suffered and how he is perceived by others daily.

His life was overall good at home until he started to experience difficulties and conflict both at school and with his mother around puberty and entering High School; he was continually picked on marginalized and bullied.  At the time he was totally unaware of the nature of his gender dysphoria and its related issues.  Entering and going through puberty made him feel extremely uncomfortable about his body and female persona.  It was sometime after that when he realized that it was due to his body’s gender development.  Although during his period of education he continued to be a good student with grade A’s and was actively involved with clubs and activities. He though eventually fell out of classes during the 11th grade and finished being home schooled.


Alex has a difficult relationship with his mother as they do not speak about personal things often.  He does not see his father who left the family home some years ago. He has a few a few friends and goes out with them occasionally. However, at this time he is more focused on working hard to pay for this surgery.  He obviously due to his anti social work hours does not always have the opportunity to see friends.


Throughout his life Alex has suffered an acute lack of confidence due to his dysphoria which has increased over the years.  He states that he has developed into a private and closed person who finds it difficult to speak about things related to his feelings and life in general.  He believes that personal things are not necessarily other people’s business and is fearful about what they may do with the information they gain.  He politely asked me to consider this throughout our sessions which I have endeavored to respect.  My concentration has, therefore, been focused on the gender related dysphoria he has encountered and suffered over many years and I have no doubt about a diagnosis of transsexual male


Alex is medically well.  In the past he has had Wisdom Teeth removal, Gender Dysphoria, and personality problems


Alex in my opinion meets the diagnostic criteria for Gender Dysphoria he has started to transition as male and has developed a support network amongst friends and to some extent his grandmother. His records indicate that he is physically and emotionally healthy, with no evidence of psychopathology or impaired judgment. He is aware of the benefits and potential risks of surgery, and feels prepared to undertake this important step.


The author of this letter is an independent gender specialist and psychologist registered through the American Counseling Association and The Psychological Association of the Philippines, and registered in the UK who is fully qualified and has consulted Alex weekly over the past weeks.  I believe that he will have a better quality of life living as a transmale and undergoing chest reconstruction surgery will only enhance that further.


Alex has chosen to follow the standards of care as he has done so in the past. After reviewing the evidence and facts chest reconstruction surgery is the next logical step in his treatment and should relieve much of any remaining dysphoria which has accompanied his Gender related concerns over the years.


Alex is now psychologically ready for this next step of his transition.  I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Alex ____ for chest reconstruction surgery.  He has met all of the eligibility criteria outlined in the Standards of Care for the treatment of transgender individuals. If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting me.
Yours sincerely


Dr. Graham L Peveller

Counseling Psychologist

Gender Specialist