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About a week ago I went on a shopping trip by myself. First I hit up target and was quickly disappointed in that they only had sale racks for girl clothes. A $5 off tag in the men’s department does not constitute as “on sale” for me. Then I headed over to kohls next door. They had so many racks on sale in every department it was wonderful. I found a nice pair of $56 dollar men’s pants for $12 and some swim trunks for $6, which I plan to use a lot next year.

I think I will break down and buy myself a membership to the YMCA after my surgery. Unlimited swimming pool and workout room use here I come. The $300ish cost for a year is the price to pay to be able to swim again.

I found out how to read the men’s sizing tag from one of the nice kohls ladies. She didn’t even look at me strange. The first number is the waist and the second is the length. The pants I bought were 30×32. They were way to long. I never found a pair of 30×30 to try on but I’m guessing they are my size. Another sale lady said that some people my size can find things over in the boys department. Since I’m between that stage of boy-manness. I did discover in my boy department shopping that those shirts fit me and don’t go to my knees. I will now be looking for button downs in the boys department the next time I go to salvation army. I tried on an boys XL button down at kohls and it seemed to fit okay. I wasn’t sure how to tell exactly so I didn’t buy any shirts. Plus I want cheap ones in case I get blood on them post surgery.

The good news is that those trucks were man trunks, not boy trucks. Though I did try a lot of boy trunks on. It was annoying because some mother and her two boy brats kept standing in front of the trunk rack the whole time I was there. They were way too flashy and I settled for a plain black pair. My initial plan was to find a black pair with blue lightning bolts on them. I was curious how man trunks kept everything inside when swimming and it turns out there is a liner of mesh undies sewed in the trunks. Who would of guessed.

I also got a security wallet. I hope to go back soon for more things. I’m still in the girl underwear mode and am wondering how to make the switch over. I can’t really be trying underwear on at the store now can I. Any ideas? I don’t really need a place for my non-existent junk down there so maybe they make a middle underwear that isn’t obviously girly. Boxers won’t work since most of my pants are still girl pants and won’t fit underneath them.