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Recovery Day 7 Drain Day!

Got the drains out. When she pulled them out it was like the burning of 2000 suns. I think my chest looks pretty good. There’s some puffiness on the left pec that I hope goes down. I really need to work out now, my lower half is way bigger than my upper half. I am concerned if he left me with bigger nipples? The middle bump not the areola. The right nipple looks bigger in the middle than the left one. Y/N?

Edit: Forgot to add that I can already feel sensation in the nipples as of day 6. Just sitting here they tingle and when water went over them in the shower I felt it on both. Though the right has far more sensation right now.

1 week post op.

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Recovery Day 6

Felt some tingling in my nipples and all over the chest. Drains really really started to be painful. Mostly the stitch in my armpit was irritating me. Back was mostly better but I kept a heating pad on it most of the day and night.

Recovery Day 4 & 5

The power lift chair I got really killed my back. It’s hurting worse than my chest or the drains. The itching mostly went away. I occasionally feel tingles on my chest. It’s probably the incision healing. Day 4 I pooped so no problems downstairs, though every time I pee it’s like a waterfall. Wiping hasn’t really been an issue. Neither is reaching once in awhile. The worst part is having to wait 3 more days for drain removal.

Recovery Day 3

Still very itchy. Taking a baby wipe and going over all the places not covered in foam on my chest seems to help me feel better. It got all the blue stuff off of me without having to scrub. Swollen by the drains and along my sides. Already less than 30cc a day. I want these drains out now! Felt real sick to the point of almost throwing up. I think it is the mixture of meds and not pooping that caused it. The swelling in my left chest has gone back down. I called the surgeon and hopefully they will call me back so I can get these drains out Friday instead of Monday.

Recovery Day 1

I survived my surgery. They didn’t use enough pain stuff when I woke up and hurt real bad on the hour ride home plus probably another hour for my oxycodeine to take effect. I’m having trouble peeing it seems on the first day. Like I will start just fine but once there is a pause in my stream it takes some effort to start up again to empty the bladder. So every four hours I take the oxy then every two hours between the oxy I’m taking some ibuprofen. Appetite is fine. I ate three bowls of mrs. grasses soup. That was after the pills took effect. I’ve been in and out of sleep since I got home. My chair only goes back to a certain position that causes me to snore when I don’t snore normally. Kitty has been a champ and kept my lap warm on top of the four blankets I have. Oh I was kind of bitchy when I woke up and a bit nauseous but I was in pain so yeah. But I was well enough for the 5 minutes it took in the pharmacy to pick out a roll of those giant sweet tarts for later plus a few butterscotch discs. Butterscotch didn’t really help with nausea that much, had better luck with a candy cane. Emptied the drains 3 times I think so far. This left side hurt worse to start but it was bigger by a bit so it will be interesting to see how it all looks in a week.


Planning Surgery Part 5

So I got word back from insurance. Medical Mutual itself does cover the procedure, however my specific policy has it as an exclusion. That means I pay for the whole thing out of pocket. It’s disappointing but I have enough money for it already, it just will empty out my savings.

Due to this I opted out of getting abdominal/flank liposuction. It would be 2k more for it and I could better use that money for gym membership or a personal trainer.

I will be getting my preop instructions and forms of some kind in snail mail within a week. Then I imagine I will be at the final step and all I will need to do is pay the bill and have my consult then show up for surgery.

In more exciting news  I cleaned out my closet. Got rid of two paper bags of old clothes. I really need to go guy shopping. I’m in need of T-shirts, button down shirts, underwear, shorts, pants. It’s a lot but it is to be expected since I haven’t really got a lot of new clothes for like 5 years. Freshmen year of highschool was the last time I really shopped and all those clothes are retired as they are all girl clothes.

60 Days

60 Days till surgery and all I have ready is some baby wipes and a back scratcher. Yikes!