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Planning Surgery Part 5

So I got word back from insurance. Medical Mutual itself does cover the procedure, however my specific policy has it as an exclusion. That means I pay for the whole thing out of pocket. It’s disappointing but I have enough money for it already, it just will empty out my savings.

Due to this I opted out of getting abdominal/flank liposuction. It would be 2k more for it and I could better use that money for gym membership or a personal trainer.

I will be getting my preop instructions and forms of some kind in snail mail within a week. Then I imagine I will be at the final step and all I will need to do is pay the bill and have my consult then show up for surgery.

In more exciting news  I cleaned out my closet. Got rid of two paper bags of old clothes. I really need to go guy shopping. I’m in need of T-shirts, button down shirts, underwear, shorts, pants. It’s a lot but it is to be expected since I haven’t really got a lot of new clothes for like 5 years. Freshmen year of highschool was the last time I really shopped and all those clothes are retired as they are all girl clothes.


Surgery Set

I’ve actually had the date set for a few weeks but I’m a lazy butt and just got around to posting this. Surgery is January 13th 2014 with Dr. Medalie. Surgery is at 7:30 AM but I need to be there by 6:00



$2000 if covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$4050 if covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

$6390 if not covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$9075 if not covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

Plus an additional $386 for pathology if not covered by insurance.


I am getting the pathology no matter what for a peace of mind. I am still 50/50 on the abdomen liposuction.


It will need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Now I am waiting on the insurance to get back to the surgeon. It was sent out on October 11th so shouldn’t be too much longer. After they get a reply I will receive my preop instructions.

Planning Surgery Part 3

The surgeon called me earlier this week. He answered most of my questions and reminded me of how bad I suck at talking on the phone. The secretary still needs to call me sometime this week to officially set my appointments and for me to pay the deposit to hold the date; but it is pretty much set. Surgery will be January 9th 2014. I will see him the day before for my consult and the day after to make sure I am healing fine. January 15th I should get the drains out if all goes well. I will be in the area for over a week. He even gave me the option to go home between the 10th and the 15th but grandma freaked out when I mentioned it. She wants to be close to the hospital just in case.

Here’s my new breakdown of costs.

$4500 surgeons fee paid with care credit. To pay off after I go back to work after surgery.

$1500 cash for rest of surgeons fee.

$2400 cash for facility and anaesthesiologist fee.

$300-500 cash for pathology report.

$900 cash for 9 day stay in the area hotel. (the surgeon will be updating his site soon to give me better figures)

$120 for gas round trip. 7 hours each way.

That totals $4500 in credit and $5420 in cash spent.


I also inquired about some liposuction for below the belly button. He estimated around $1500 but no more than $2000. It would be done in the same surgery to be cheaper. I’ve started exercising again to try to get rid of this flab. If I get rid of it before January then I won’t get the lipo, if not then I probably will. Here’s hoping.

Here’s what it looked like back in early March. It may not look bad to you but it drives me crazy. Am rocking the penguin pajamas.


I will post my exercise routines in another post soon.