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Tomorrow Is Two Years Post Op

Tomorrow will be my two years post op from top surgery. I did not die from it which could be hard to believe since I haven’t updated this in two years. Life has still happened in the meantime but I just got away from coming on here. I never backed away from the transness of it all but top surgery did make me more at ease within myself and bought me some time to decide on the future. I do not wake up every day with top dysphoria. Getting out of the house is not a chore of wrestling into a binder. I just put on some clothes and can be out of the house in 5 minutes if needed.

When I get the time, I plan to add posts of significant events from the past two years. I kept up with taking pictures of my chest for several months post op and wrote my thoughts down at the time. A lot has happened for the good in the past two years and there have been some hangups. I plan to start blogging again and hopefully will keep it going this time. There are some big decisions coming in my future and I hope the decisions that I do make will be the right ones.


One Year Post Op/ Kinesiology Tape Experiment

It is now one year post op. I decided to try to the tape to see if it would help with the scars. My scars are not bad and do not really bug me but no scars are better than scars.



During: Had tape on about 5 days.



I really did not like how the tape was applied. It ended up making the scar bumpy in places. The tape really itches after a few days. The scars should settle down after awhile. Overall trying the tape once does not make that much of a difference. I think it would flatten the scars if left on but once it comes off they will slowly bounce back.