Recovery Day 1

I survived my surgery. They didn’t use enough pain stuff when I woke up and hurt real bad on the hour ride home plus probably another hour for my oxycodeine to take effect. I’m having trouble peeing it seems on the first day. Like I will start just fine but once there is a pause in my stream it takes some effort to start up again to empty the bladder. So every four hours I take the oxy then every two hours between the oxy I’m taking some ibuprofen. Appetite is fine. I ate three bowls of mrs. grasses soup. That was after the pills took effect. I’ve been in and out of sleep since I got home. My chair only goes back to a certain position that causes me to snore when I don’t snore normally. Kitty has been a champ and kept my lap warm on top of the four blankets I have. Oh I was kind of bitchy when I woke up and a bit nauseous but I was in pain so yeah. But I was well enough for the 5 minutes it took in the pharmacy to pick out a roll of those giant sweet tarts for later plus a few butterscotch discs. Butterscotch didn’t really help with nausea that much, had better luck with a candy cane. Emptied the drains 3 times I think so far. This left side hurt worse to start but it was bigger by a bit so it will be interesting to see how it all looks in a week.



Comments on: "Recovery Day 1" (1)

  1. Take full advantage of the narcotics, but make sure you take a laxative with them. I didn’t when I had a nose job as part of ffs and I paid for it dearly. 🙂

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