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Recovery Day 16

I pulled off all the tape today. There is still glue on though. My vest smelled like an old shoe so I washed it. The paper tape hurts to have it on and old stretchy bandages do not stay in the right place. Then the paper tape just wants to come right off and I need it to keep the nipple dressings on. I can’t believe I did it but I put on an old sports bra and everything is staying in place. I don’t need the vest any more but I will probably keep using it when it dries as it just keeps everything where it should be.


Recovery Day 14 Two Weeks Post Op

Nipples be peeling like crazy. The edge of the tape has started to come off also.


Recovery Day 11

My nipples are bleeding! I think the areola turning white might be it scabbing over. I hope it scabs all good and I don’t lose it. I actually rolled over on my side for a little bit last night. I felt the pulling but I have a feeling it is just a big bruise that hurts and not the actual incision pulling. All my tape is still on but it is coming loose in a few places. I imagine in a week it will have fallen off. I have been taking a shower each day so that helps it. It probably isn’t as bad as I think it is, just the marker under the tape looks big. I can’t wait until the ten days are up then I don’t need to wear my vest any more and I can start just putting lotion and vaseline on them instead of the special ointment.

Recovery Day 9

My left nipples areola turned white almost like it is showing the skin layer underneath it. The right nipple is bigger, it’s like he didn’t cut it down at all. Compared to the left it is gigantic. It’s most noticeable looking down at it as it sticks out like a nub.

Recovery Day 8

There was some bright yellow colouring on the nipple pad when I took it off today. I hope it’s nothing serious. Everything else seems to be good. Showering is easy and sleeping is easier, though I get a sweat build-up right where the vest is on my back.

Recovery Day 7 Drain Day!

Got the drains out. When she pulled them out it was like the burning of 2000 suns. I think my chest looks pretty good. There’s some puffiness on the left pec that I hope goes down. I really need to work out now, my lower half is way bigger than my upper half. I am concerned if he left me with bigger nipples? The middle bump not the areola. The right nipple looks bigger in the middle than the left one. Y/N?

Edit: Forgot to add that I can already feel sensation in the nipples as of day 6. Just sitting here they tingle and when water went over them in the shower I felt it on both. Though the right has far more sensation right now.

1 week post op.

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Recovery Day 6

Felt some tingling in my nipples and all over the chest. Drains really really started to be painful. Mostly the stitch in my armpit was irritating me. Back was mostly better but I kept a heating pad on it most of the day and night.