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Christmas gifts was a bust. Got the most girly pajamas and multiple pairs of them. Here’s the kicker though, they are all too big. I think people think I’m fat. Plus the only ones that did fit have donuts on them… Even my slippers were girly. Then my mom got me a new lunch box. That would be great except it is embroidered with my girl name. I don’t go by my girl name where I would take the lunch box.

At least candy isn’t girly. The real present will come in 17 days, my top surgery. All this other superficial stuff is just crap compared to that. Fuck them all for getting me that girly stuff. I don’t wear anything like it ever.


Busy Weeks

So I’ve done a lot the last couple of weeks. I ordered my post op compression garment. It arrived in the mail and it fits no problem. I finished cleaning my room, just have a few bags of crap to go through.

Getting ready for Christmas had kept me busy but on my buying gift spree I picked up some men’s boxer briefs. They feel real weird at first but now they are pretty nice. Still debating if I want to throw away all my old undies. I was worried about the hole in front but there is so much fabric that overlaps it’s no issue.

Work is getting harder and harder to go to. The 5 day weeks are not helping. It is the holiday season so it’s expected but sad. 36 days until surgery. I am pushing through but I just want the day to get here already.