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Planning Surgery Part 5

So I got word back from insurance. Medical Mutual itself does cover the procedure, however my specific policy has it as an exclusion. That means I pay for the whole thing out of pocket. It’s disappointing but I have enough money for it already, it just will empty out my savings.

Due to this I opted out of getting abdominal/flank liposuction. It would be 2k more for it and I could better use that money for gym membership or a personal trainer.

I will be getting my preop instructions and forms of some kind in snail mail within a week. Then I imagine I will be at the final step and all I will need to do is pay the bill and have my consult then show up for surgery.

In more exciting news  I cleaned out my closet. Got rid of two paper bags of old clothes. I really need to go guy shopping. I’m in need of T-shirts, button down shirts, underwear, shorts, pants. It’s a lot but it is to be expected since I haven’t really got a lot of new clothes for like 5 years. Freshmen year of highschool was the last time I really shopped and all those clothes are retired as they are all girl clothes.



In my reading of the trans forums I came across Underworks again. Their products are great and that is where I bought my 997 that is still kicking almost 2 years later. In addition to black and white they now make binders in Nude! Check them out.

They redid their site and I must highlight the new gift card feature. All you need is name and an email for your poor trans friend and you can send them the life saving gift of a binder.

Note that they took the numbers of products out of the titles but they are now in the beginning of the item #.

60 Days

60 Days till surgery and all I have ready is some baby wipes and a back scratcher. Yikes!

Surgery Set

I’ve actually had the date set for a few weeks but I’m a lazy butt and just got around to posting this. Surgery is January 13th 2014 with Dr. Medalie. Surgery is at 7:30 AM but I need to be there by 6:00



$2000 if covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$4050 if covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

$6390 if not covered by insurance for just top surgery.

$9075 if not covered by insurance for top surgery + liposuction of abdomen/flanks

Plus an additional $386 for pathology if not covered by insurance.


I am getting the pathology no matter what for a peace of mind. I am still 50/50 on the abdomen liposuction.


It will need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Now I am waiting on the insurance to get back to the surgeon. It was sent out on October 11th so shouldn’t be too much longer. After they get a reply I will receive my preop instructions.