Therapy Session 2 & 3

My second therapy session was such a fail it didn’t even deserve its own post. All he did was talk about what gender dysphoria was. I was quite upset by the wasted hour.

The third session went good. He seems to repeat what I am having the sessions for, which is kind of unnecessary. He assured me he wouldn’t ask for any more money. Then it was just the basic questions of when the dysphoria started and when I noticed I was different. He asked what puberty was like and how work and friends gendered me. Then he asked how I dressed again. It’s kind of annoying when they ask the same questions over again.

The best part out of the session was he asked if was wanted the letter sooner or later. Of course I said sooner. Turns out he will be writing it this week and we will review it together next session. I’m so excited to be getting my letter. One step will soon be out of the way for a better life.


Comments on: "Therapy Session 2 & 3" (2)

  1. Hello, my boyfriend has been talking to Dr Graham too and finished his session in Oktober and now we are in December and he still havent recieved his letter eventhough Graham claims to have send it 3 times, so I was just wondering if you had any problems with him?
    He refuses to send it registered so we have a tracking number so we can be sure it has actually been sent and that makes me think he´s a scam, but before we go to the police or anything I wanted to hear how other peoples experiences have been

    • He initially sent me a rough draft in email I believe. I requested to have a few things changed. After that he sent it by snail mail. It came in a big white envelope with a royal mail seal on it. I do not remember having any trouble receiving it. Perhaps confirm with him where he is sending it to and make sure there is no one at home that could be stealing it out of the mail box before you get it.

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